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Guide to Advanced Software Testing by Anne Mette Jonassen Hass

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“Write a test book? Never!” This was my position for many years, when the thought occurred to me or when colleagues or course delegates suggested it. I had and still have great respect for all the very good testing books already out there.

No book, however, seemed to cover the entire syllabus for the ISEB practitioner certification when I took that, nor when I started to train practitionersto-be. I therefore wrote small bits of notes for my delegates to illustrate and expand on the topics in the syllabus. The notes just grew on me and in the end I had more than 500 pages.

When the new ISTQB advanced level syllabus began to appear I started to rewrite my notes to fit with that—and the book was born. I have followed the ISTQB advanced level syllabus closely because I find that the structure is strong and makes sense, and because the “notes” were intended for my own training courses based on the syllabus. Such a closely defined job was a challenge in some places I really had to take my own view on things and shake it about; sometimes it came out OK, and sometimes I got wiser.

The ISTQB advanced level syllabus is based on some of the best of the existing testing books. This book does not pretend to be better or truer. No book, no course, no person can provide the truth about testing. The book is intended as another voice in the constant dialogue going on between people with an interest in testing where thoughts and ideas are being exchanged. I hope the book will work as such, and as an inspiration and an aid to testers wanting to listen to yet another understanding of the testing subject, so difficult to get to grips with.

I also hope that it will help the promotion of the ISTQB certification, as I find this a great opportunity for testers to get a common language and work together to strengthen the understanding of testing in the entire software development industry.

A poster has been created to reflect the contents of this book. It is available at www.deltaaxiom (dot) com/poster. I very much like to make pictures, both on paper and in my head. One of my aims when I teach is to help the delegates create a picture of what testing is about. Everybody’s picture is different, but after having drawn many pictures the images started to come together in the poster. It therefore shows a little bit of my brain, namely the bit where my present understanding of testing is.

I suggest you download the poster and use it and the book together: the poster to see an overview of the elements in testing and the book to go behind the picture and obtain more substance on the elements.

And remember:

- Testing is difficult.

- Testing requires overview.

- Testing requires creativity.

- Testing requires systematic work.

- Testing requires imagination.

- Testing requires courage.

- Testing is fun.



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