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Access 2010 For Dummies by Laurie Ulrich Fuller

You’ve picked up this book and are hoping it will teach you to use Microsoft Access 2010. Of course, as the authors, we believe this was a wise decision — or that (at the very least) it was some sort of divine intervention that led you to our pages. We’re quite certain that this is The Book For You — but not just because we wrote it. Rather, we base this conviction on the fact that both of us have been teaching and using Access for a very long time, and we know how to share what we know with our students. That’s right, you’re now one of our students — at least that’s how we feel about you as our reader. Now, we could be wrong here, but that happens so infrequently that we’re hardly considering it. No, the reason you picked up this book is that you want to learn Access, and this is the best book to help you do just that. Really. No kidding.

Of course, being a normal human being, you probably have work to do, and whether or not we’re right about this being The Book For You, you need Access. You need it to organize your data. You need it to store — accessibly, of course — all the information that’s currently spilling out of notebooks, file drawers, your pockets, your glove compartment, everywhere. You need it so you can print out snappy-looking reports that make you look like the genius you are. You need it so you can create cool forms that will help your staff enter all the data you’ve got stacked on their desks — and in a way that lets you know the data was entered properly, so it’s accurate and useful. You need Access so you can find little bits of data out of the huge pool of information you need to store. You just need it.



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