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Beginning Backbone.js by James Sugrue

Creating web applications in jаvascript in a well-structured manner can be difficult, but libraries such as Backbone have introduced much needed clarity. Since its release in 2010, Backbone.js has been considered one of the best options for dealing with large application code bases.

When I first used Backbone, I was impressed with its unopinionated nature and the clarity of the code. With the extensive level of community support and extensions available, there seemed to be very little Backbone could not accomplish.

Clearly, many other developers and organizations have been equally impressed with Backbone. You’ll find it at the center of many applications and web sites that you regularly use, from the New York Times to Airbnb to SoundCloud.

If you are considering giving Backbone a starring role in your technology stack, this book will help you find its place and gauge its suitability. If you’re new to Backbone, the first half of the book will get you started quickly. Those who have already started to use Backbone will find the second half of the book to be most useful, with discussions about best practices, Test-Driven Development, and modular architectures.

Who This Book Is For

This book is for anyone who is creating web applications with jаvascript. No matter what level of expertise you possess, there is a topic in the book for you.

Whether you are assessing the suitability of Backbone for your next project or have already adopted Backbone for your application development, you will find the book to have all you need to further your knowledge.

Readers are introduced to the basic concepts of object-oriented jаvascript at the beginning of the book and can continue the journey with deep dives into Backbone, along with explanations of the Model View * architecture.

Experienced Backbone developers and web application architects will find the more advanced chapters that deal with Backbone best practices, Test-Driven Development, and the creation of modular applications with RequireJS useful in ensuring high architectural quality for any web app they are building with Backbone.



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