Beginning Fedora: From Novice to Professional

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Beginning Fedora: From Novice to Professional by Shashank Sharma

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Linux has come a long way in a short time. Computing itself is still relatively young by any standard; if the era of modern computing started with the invention of the microchip, it’s still less than 50 years old. But Linux is a youngster compared even to this; it has been around for only 16 of those years.

In that brief time span, a student’s personal project has grown to where it now runs many computers throughout the world. It has rampaged through the computing industry, offering an alternative to commercial solutions such as those offered by Microsoft, and toppling long-held beliefs about the way things should be done. This is all by virtue of the fact that Linux is simply better than every other choice out there. Many argue that it’s more secure and faster than other operating systems. But here’s the kicker—Linux is free of charge. Yes, that’s right. It doesn’t have to cost a penny.

I was bitten by the Linux bug in the mid-1990s. I learned of its existence when my dad read a version of the Halloween documents in a local daily. In those days, the Internet as we now know it was still in its infancy and there was very little documentation. But the euphoria of discovering something new urged us on and we quickly became hooked.

Still, getting your monitor to work or configuring the sound card was a major concern. Now, it’s much easier to get started with Linux; you don’t even have to install it! The arrival of LiveCD has definitely aided Linux adoption.

With an ever-increasing Linux user base, this book answers the need for a fundamental, authoritative, and down-to-earth guide to Linux. This book purely and simply focuses on what you need to know to use Linux, done in the context of one of the most popular flavors of Linux.

Beginning Fedora is concise and to the point, aiming to re-create under Linux all the stuff you are used to doing under Windows. This doesn’t mean that Beginning Fedora cuts corners. Wherever justified, this book spends time examining the topics you need to know in order to gain a complete and comprehensive understanding. For example, you’ll find a hefty chapter dedicated to the command line—arguably the heart of Linux and all the elements that gives Linux most of its power. There’s also an entire chapter discussing (and illustrating) how to initially install Fedora on your computer. Beginning Fedora really is a complete guide.



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