Beginning iOS 7 Development: Exploring the iOS SDK

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Beginning iOS 7 Development: Exploring the iOS SDK by Jack Nutting

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This book is enormous. If you are reading a paper copy, you’re well aware of this, but if you’ve got a digital copy, you might not understand the size of this thing. I mean, it’s larger than most bibles I’ve seen. Not that I’m an expert on bibles or anything, but you know: they’re big, fat books. If you asked, “Is Beginning iOS 7 Development bigger than a breadbox?” I’d have to say, “Almost.” And yet, this book is made of smaller pieces, portioned out so that you should be able to tackle the contents of any single chapter in a delightful afternoon, learning things about iOS development that you probably never imagined. When I say “tackle,” I don’t mean just read each chapter. I mean you need to actually sit down in front of a Mac and work your way through it. Building all the example apps as you go through each chapter will help imprint all the usage patterns and concepts into your brain in a way that reading alone could never do. If you work your way through this book, you will come away with a great understanding of the foundations of iOS app development, and you will be more than ready to build iOS apps all on your own.

Many years ago, I met the late Torfrid Olsson, a Swedish sculptor from a rural area of northern Sweden. I expressed to him some envy and admiration about one aspect of his life, and his reply stuck with me: “Ah, that’s just something you’ve read about in books. You have your own life that is uniquely yours. What makes you think that it’s missing anything?” My hope is that you don’t let the knowledge contained in these pages just be something you read in a book. Read it, of course, but also work through it, understand it, and wrestle it to the ground if you must. Make it yours.



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