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Beginning iOS Application Development with HTML and jаvascript by Richard Wagner

THE AMAZING SUCCESS OF THE IPHONE and iPad over the past four years has proven that application developers are now smack deep in a brave new world of sophisticated, multifunctional mobile applications. No longer do applications and various media need to live in separate silos. Instead, mobile web-based applications can bring together elements of web apps, native apps, multimedia video and audio, and the mobile device.

This book covers the various aspects of developing web-based applications for iOS. Specifi cally, you will discover how to create a mobile application from the ground up, utilize existing open source frameworks to speed up your development times, emulate the look and feel of built-in Apple applications, capture fi nger touch interactions, and optimize applications for Wi-Fi and wireless networks.


This book is aimed primarily for beginning and intermediate web developers who want to build new applications for iOS or migrate existing web apps to this platform. In general, readers will find it helpful to have a working knowledge of the following technologies:



- jаvascript

- Ajax

However, if you are a less experienced working with these technologies, be sure to take advantage of the early chapters at the start of the book.



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