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Secondary School Mathematics For Class 9 by R S AGGARWAL

We feel proud to present this edition of the book. It is based on the new CBSE syllabus. Apart from the CBSE course, this book can be used as a textbook for the courses of those state boards which follow the CBSE syllabus. The book has been thoroughly revised and reset. It now has a large number of questions from the NCERT textbook with full explanatory solutions. A large number of multiple-choice questions (MCQ) on all topics have also been included. This book will also be of immense help to the students who wish to sit for the board examination.

Though revised and reset, it continues to have the qualities which made it so popular among teachers and students in the past. We have emphasized the theoretical as well as the numerical aspects of the mathematics course. The underlying concepts have been gradually and systematically developed. The exposition is simple, yet rigorous. The language is precise and simple. In each chapter, all the results and concepts of a particular topic have been put together. These are followed by a large number of solved examples. Quite a large number of problems have been given as exercises.

We are thankful to the editorial and production staff of Bharati Bhawan for doing such a good job. We also wish to thank all teachers and students who sent suggestions for the improvement of the book. We hope that we shall continue to receive such invaluable feedback.




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