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Advanced ActionScript 3: Design Patterns by Ben Smith

Design patterns are an abstract concept and a subject that involves being vague to help solve problems. This is somewhat ambiguous and makes design patterns a difficult topic. Fortunately, a difficult subject does not necessarily mean one that is complicated in its understanding. This will be evident in Advanced ActionScript 3: Design Patterns.

This book requires prerequisite knowledge of ActionScript and Object Oriented Programming, but it demonstrates the hand-in-hand relationship of OOP and design patterns. The beginning chapters of this book discuss and detail OOP principles, and while some aspects may be review, all will be preparation for upcoming chapters. Each chapter will prepare you for the next. Until Chapter 5 (the first review quiz), you will be reinforcing your knowledge up to that point, as well as creating a foundation for your understanding of the design pattern chapters. Chapters 6-8 thoroughly cover design patterns. Each pattern discussed is demonstrated and explained with examples, real-life analogies, and answers to frequently asked questions. Chapter 9 (the second review quiz of the book) again reinforces your knowledge up to that point. Chapters 10-12 round out the book by covering the use of combining patterns and discuss how to remain object-oriented in a fast-paced industry.

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