Beginning jаvascript Charts: With jqPlot, d3, and Highcharts - PDF

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Beginning jаvascript Charts: With jqPlot, d3, and Highcharts by Fabio Nelli

Welcome to the world of charts. If you are holding this book in your hands, you are undoubtedly interested in data visualization, perhaps with the hope of developing web pages filled with interactive charts. Or, maybe your purpose is to improve your knowledge of the jqPlot, D3, or Highcharts library. Whatever your objective, I hope this book enables you to achieve it.

In addition to the various types of charts and jаvascript libraries, this book covers a range of topics: the jQuery library and selections, HTML5 and the canvas, widgets and controls, graphic manipulation with scalable vector graphics (SVG) technology, and mathematical concepts (scales and domains, curve fitting and trend lines, clustering analysis, and much more).

I have enriched this wide range of topics with many examples, each tightly focused on a particular one and presented to you in an ordered sequence, with step-by-step instructions.

Chart development can be easy once you know the process and have the right tools at the ready. Therefore, in presenting this material, I have included helpful, reusable code snippets as well as explanations of underlying concepts. After reading this book, you will be equipped to create any type of data visualization, either traditional or newer, with confidence.



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