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Data Science Fundamentals Pocket Primer by Oswald Campesato

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This book contains a fast-paced introduction to as much relevant information about data analytics as possible that can be reasonably included in a book of this size. Please keep in mind the following point: this book is intended to provide you with a broad overview of many relevant technologies. As such, you will be exposed to a variety of features of NumPy and Pandas, how to write regular expressions (with an accompanying chapter), and how to perform many data cleaning tasks. Keep in mind that some topics are presented in a cursory manner, which is for two main reasons. First, it’s important that you be exposed to these concepts. In some cases, you will find topics that might pique your interest, and hence motivate you to learn more about them through self-study; in other cases, you will probably be satisfied with a brief introduction. In other words, you can decide whether to delve into more detail regarding the topics in this book.

Second, a full treatment of all the topics that are covered in this book would significantly increase the size of this book.

However, it’s important for you to decide if this approach is suitable for your needs and learning style. If not, you can select one or more of the plethora of data analytics books that are available.



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