Swarm Intelligence: Principles, current algorithms and methods

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Swarm Intelligence: Principles, current algorithms and methods by Ying Tan

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This book entitled “swarm intelligence: principles and current algorithms and methods” consists of 20 chapters, focusing on the principle and the current approaches of swarm in the principle and typical algorithms in recent years. In this book, we mainly introduce the basic principles of typical swarm intelligence algorithms and some of their efficient improvements. Specifically, it not only includes the introductions and improvements of typical PSO, ACO and typical swarm intelligence algorithm as well as swarm robotics methods; furthermore, it also includes parts of the general swarm intelligent method researches until now.

It is well known that swarm intelligence (SI) is one of the most important and challenging paradigms in the umbrella of computational intelligence, focusing on the research of collective behaviors of a swarm in nature and/or social phenomenon, to solve complicated and difficult problems which cannot be handled by the traditional approaches. The swarm intelligence has attracted much more research interests in recent years. Thousands of papers are published each year for presenting new algorithms, new improvements and numerous applications in different domains. The SI has been successfully applied to many real-world applications in nearly all walks of life. Thus, it will remain a main research topic for the following decades. In the last decade, swarm intelligence has attracted many researchers around the world. Current publications in swarm intelligence are very separate, and there are only several conferences and journals specified for this topic, which makes it hard for people to share their ideas with other colleagues or follow-up the works from other researchers with common interests. So there is an immediately urgent need to collect and up-to-date the researching work together as a complete collection so as to lay a vast panorama of the swarm intelligence research before us timely. This book has just filled this gap in time.

However, there are too many new methods invented in this field each year, which makes it hard to follow for researchers, learners and practitioners in the field. It is the right time to publish a solid all in one reference presenting the latest knowledge, research and applications in this field systematically and thoroughly.

The aim of this book is to provide readers with a full view of the field of swarm intelligence from the latest principles and approaches to practical applications. Students will learn the principles and theories of typical swarm intelligence algorithm; scholars in the field will get inspired for further promising research directions; practitioners will find suitable methods for their applications of interest along with useful instructions.

This book is primarily intended for researchers, engineers, graduates and senior undergraduates with interests in swarm intelligence and its applications. It also serves as an essential resource for the professionals and practitioners with interests in swarm intelligence working in the fields of computer science, information technology, artificial intelligence, computational intelligence, bioengineering, physics, mathematics, social sciences, etc. It is also useful and helpful for the interested people in a broad discipline in science and engineering domains.

The structure of the contents of this book is organized by a variety of topics, from general survey, algorithms and improvements to typical applications, for swarm intelligence. Besides, it is also a useful reference for some technology developers and technicians in many technological companies as well as other interested readers who will find the chapters in this book useful in furthering their work or research exposure to pertinent topics in swarm intelligence.



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