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Advanced Excel Reporting for Management Accountants by Neale Blackwood

SPREADSHEETS HAVE BEEN A MAJOR part of my work life for nearly 25 years, and most of that time has been spent using Excel. Throughout that period I have learned many techniques that can simplify the reporting process. This book captures that knowledge and shares it in a format that you can learn and then apply to your reporting needs. You can benefi t from my successes and, just as important, avoid my mistakes.

Of course, how long you have been using a piece of software isn’t always a good indicator of how good you are with it. I’ve heard it said, “He’s used Excel for 10 years, but it’s been the same year repeated 10 times.”

Unfortunately, when Excel gets upgraded these days, you get little training in the new features. The training you do get always focuses on showing you how to do the things you were doing in the old version. That’s a good start, but it’s like giving a man a two-story house and not showing him the stairs because their old house was a singlestory house and didn’t have stairs.

I’ve been lucky in my career, because I have been given the opportunity to train and share my knowledge for many years. Training is a great way to improve the trainer’s knowledge. I love training, and I love answering questions and sharing my knowledge. Questions tend to open one’s mind to how differently people think about the same topic.

Being a fairly persistent person has helped me in my Excel journey. I don’t give up easily. That’s a very useful trait for any spreadsheet developer. Excel can be frustrating at times, and I hope this book will help to remove some of the frustration for you.

Having an enquiring mind has led me to always look for better ways to do things. I don’t like to waste my time, so if a task is repeatedly taking me a long time, I will look for a better way to do it. Typically I will look for a built-in method to improve the task. If that fails, I will usually resort to a macro.

I’ve answered thousands of questions from Australian CPAs over the years, and I must admit that some of the solutions can be achieved only through macros. A macro is necessary when the data set or the report has been built in a way that doesn’t permit the use of Excel’s built-in features.

For the purposes of this book, macros are mentioned only as a side issue. The models and examples in this book are macro-free. The companion website has a file that includes some helpful macros. These are meant to simplify and speed up the developmental process.



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