Beginning Samsung ARTIK: A Guide for Developers

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Beginning Samsung ARTIK: A Guide for Developers by Cliff Wootton

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This introductory book will help you start your journey toward becoming an expert ARTIK developer as you develop a new and profitable enterprise.

This book will show you how to set up your own ARTIK development system and get your ARTIK module up and running. Then you can develop your own applications for it. By the end of the book you should have a working system and be able to create and deploy simple applications to your ARTIK module. Then it will be up to you to create something extraordinary. The chapters are arranged in a logical sequence starting with some background information, then how to set up your system, before describing basic programming techniques. External systems such as Temboo and SAMI are covered before rounding things off with debugging and deployment guidelines.

I composed this as I got to know the ARTIK after Glenn Cameron from Samsung kindly sent one to me to work on. As I found out new and interesting things about it, I wrote about what I learned straightaway while the knowledge was still fresh. I tried to maintain the perspective of a new user encountering ARTIK for the first time to avoid making assumptions about what the reader might already know. Some readers will already know about the topics I cover. Even so, the additional background information I provide here will be helpful even to more experienced engineers, designers, makers, and developers.

It is still an early stage in the ARTIK product lifecycle, and many features are still being developed to their full potential. There are topics like video and audio that merit complete books about just that aspect of ARTIK development. Those will come later. For now, it is enough to understand the basics of how ARTIK works so as to have solid foundational knowledge on which to later build the more advanced topics. Some of those topics are mentioned briefly here, but there is not enough space to cover everything in great depth without creating a huge book. For now, let’s work on this in more easily digestible stages and get the ARTIK modules up and running first.

The companion ARTIK Reference Guide will build on what you learn in this book. It will concentrate on ARTIK internals and provide details for more advanced programming so that you can create more complex applications.



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